Sheringham Carnival 2019 – BMX Demo – Street Races – Parade

Written By Gareth Gabriel

On August 10, 2019

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Sheringham Carnival 2019

Sheringham Carnival 2019

One of the best events on the Sheringham Calendar is the Sheringham Carnival week. This year I only managed to get to a few of the events, but the ones I did get to were fantastic.

Matti Hemmings BMX Demo

Guinness World Record holder and flatland BMXer Matti Hemmings held several BMX Demos and workshops for the kids throughout the day.

Sheringham Street Races

The Sheringham Street Races have always been a fan favourite. The high street is filled with people armed with water bombs and flour bombs, the temptation to batter each other with the bombs is too high and they never wait for the racers to enter the course before starting the water war!!

Sheringham Carnival Parade

It’s always great to see the turnout for the parade. This year’s parade took a different route due to our ever famous sinkhole, and it didn’t seem to deter the crowds or affect the fabulous parade. 



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